Check out “Weeds” over at Fictionspawn

Hey guys, happy Thursday! While there is plenty of promising progress to share, I already covered most of it in this month’s newsletter, and I don’t want to get repetitive. So instead, today I’d like to focus my blog post on someone else’s work.

I was fortunate enough to come across Fictionspawn, a blog featuring some very creepy illustrations and accompanying flash stories. While there is a whole breadth of great work there, I was particularly drawn to ‘Weeds’.

It’s a quick read, nestled under an unsettling image from the story. Steven King speaks of ‘terror’ as being the most important aspect of good horror, and Weeds grabbed that concept by the throat. Arguably just as impressive, it walks the fine line of being fully disturbing without crossing over into any ‘content/trigger warning’ territory, something I must admit I myself fail to do when writing in the genre.

I also loved how it didn’t end where I expected it to: twice, I thought we’d reached the climax, and then it went further. Sometimes this is an indication that a story didn’t end in the right place, but for Weeds it really elevated the piece overall.

Go check out the story for yourself here, and read some of the other work as well–there is a veritable library of other great shorts also available.

That’s all for today. As ever, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, and till next time.

2 thoughts on “Check out “Weeds” over at Fictionspawn

  1. Hey! Thanks a lot! I’m honoured, and it’s very interesting to hear your thoughts on my story. I’m very happy you liked it. Fun fact: the rocky beach with the big waves is based on a beach on the Spanish island Gran Canaria (except the hole in the wall :D). I’m not sure how it came to mind when writing the story, but I somehow found it an interesting setting, maybe partly because just a couple of days before I arrived big rocks fell from the wall at the end, luckily without anyone getting hurt. Thanks again, keep writing!


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