Can We Get Back to Writing? Please?

My last few blog posts have drifted quite a bit from my original intention of writing, in essence, a journal detailing my attempts to become a professional author. (For me to later look back on in humiliation.)

Maybe it’s because yesterday Joe Biden was indeed inaugurated, and there was no violence or other major disruptions, but I’m feeling it’s time to get back to that.

There really isn’t a ton of news to share. I’m wrapped up edits on a new short story, ‘The Spirit of Winter’, and am going to get some feedback from my writer’s group on it. I was also fortunate enough to win a place in #RevPit #10Queries contest, so I’ll be looking forward to the feedback on my query letter for Capitalist Bacon.

To be honest, since my Christmas Town meets The Siege of Gondor short, I haven’t written anything new. Seems I have a bit of writer’s block. I’m hoping by this Sunday to fix that… except I really don’t have much percolating in my head. So, we’ll see.

I haven’t been idle, though. I’ve been querying many an agent for Capitalist Bacon (although I’m putting that on hold until I get the aforementioned feedback on my query letter), keeping my shorts running through the chains of rejections, and editing my fairly sizeable catalogue of previously written, yet-to-be-submitted short stories.

But writing is a perishable skill. While I do count editing as a critical process in growing as an author, there’s still something to be said about consistently creating new words on a frequent basis. I was capable of banging out 1-2K words a day at one point, a fairly solid amount for someone with a family and a full-time job, but I wonder now what I could manage. It’s like running: you learn to run a mile by working up to it, and then you keep that by doing it every day.

So, that’s it for now. Hopefully the next blog in about 2 weeks time will be brimming with tons more exciting news. For sure, I’ll try to stick to writing going forward.

Stay safe, and till next time.

One thought on “Can We Get Back to Writing? Please?

  1. The more I do it, the more I come lot like editing. Admittedly, I (almost) only write flash fiction these days, and I see the editing of my (increasingly) rough drafts as some kind of puzzles, where I just have to find where the pieces fit, like this messy object that’s screaming for solutions. I’ve always loved puzzles 😀 Great post, thanks!


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