Singing The COVID Blues

Well, last week I promised some updates on my personal writing front. Unfortunately, I don’t actually have that to share. Fortunately you guys, much like my parents, are used to me disappointing you.

My excuse this time? Well, as of today, I’m one week into having COVID.

To be clear, I and my family are fine. I actually have it the worst out of all of us, and that’s a highly relative statement. Last Thursday I woke up feeling like crap and immediately scheduled a test. Two days of feeling very feverish went by, and since then it’s just been a heavy exhaustion and some congestion. We are the lucky ones, hands down.

Probably the worst thing about this is the complete productivity drain this has been. When I say I’m exhausted, it’s a different kind of exhaustion, one that I don’t think I’ve ever felt. The problem is, whether I ‘exert’ myself physically or mentally, it lays me out. Meaning I can do crap all. (I put exert in quotes because that currently means ‘having a one hour zoom call for work’ or ‘spending fifteen minutes watering plants and turning compost’.)

I am slowly getting my energy back, though. I look forward to getting back to querying, working on a new and exciting writing opportunity (details to come!), or working on my collection of short stories and novellas that are in need of editing and submitting. Or, you know, doing my day job, or tending to my garden and small zoo. Or-or, I guess, spending time with my family or something.

A lot of complaining for someone who has a disease that has caused incredible damage–not to mention death–to so many, so let me calm my shit. I’ve known those, including those who one would call much healthier than me, who have been left struggling to breath and/or recovering for months. To reiterate: I, and my family as well, are lucky.

So anyways, hoping the next update has more exciting writing news in it. For now: wear your masks; wash your hands; keep your distance; and when you can, go get your vaccination. Just because it’s less than the flu for some doesn’t mean the same for everyone. It’s going to take a group collective to beat this thing, so be sure you’re part of the solution, and not part of the problem.

Till next time!

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