The Rumors Are True

The Second Poetic Narrative is indeed here! Click on ‘Published Here’ in the top menu to check out both this installment in the adventures of J.J. Segwis, Dr. Jake Rammoerstoen, Danson C. Equestrian, Esq., and Mattothy Northman. You can also find the first Poetic Narrative there. The Florida Men have reunited… yes, despite Jake’s previousContinue reading “The Rumors Are True”

Happy Holidays!

Just a quick hello to you all. Whether you’re preparing for Christmas Eve, waiting for Kwanzaa, still fat off of latkes from Chanukkah, or in any other way celebrating, I hope your holidays are warm, bright, and safe. 2020 has been an… unfortunate episode for all of us. I know many are having to suspendContinue reading “Happy Holidays!”

Who Wants A Free Short Story?

“But JJ,” you say. “We are all waiting on the second Poetic Narrative you said would come out in Fall 2020.” You check the calendar you keep with you at all times. “And Fall ended a few weeks ago!” Ok, ok, and I’m working on it–honestly! For a freebie, I still want it to beContinue reading “Who Wants A Free Short Story?”

Am I A Real Boy Now?

It is imperative, critical, crucial, and all the other super-important adjectives that every writer participate in NaNoWriMo. If one doesn’t, then the title of ‘wannabe author’ is seized from them by force, and they may also have to forfeit a pint of blood. Anyways, I didn’t participate in NaNoWriMo. But I am participating in #PitMad!Continue reading “Am I A Real Boy Now?”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick post here to wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, if you’re in the states. (If not, I wish you a great day anyways!) I’ll have more here next week, hopefully including the next Poetic Narrative, since I did list it as coming out in fall, which technically ends… uh, Monday. ButContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Wanna Hear Me Ramble, But In Audio?

As I mentioned on my Twitter account (why aren’t you following me?), last Saturday I had the pleasure of sitting down and joining ZZ Adam’s not-a-podcast series, alongside Jon Knight and Rowena Harding-Smith. We had a great time chatting about writing, our upcoming projects, and more. In fact, we all had such a fun timeContinue reading “Wanna Hear Me Ramble, But In Audio?”

Sunday Funday

I’m on chapter three. This sounds like an issue because there are twenty-five chapters in Capitalist Bacon. But being at three out of twenty-five is not *actually* the issue. The issue is: chapter three is The Problem Chapter. While there is work to be done throughout the novel, for the most part each chapter worked.Continue reading “Sunday Funday”

Random Friday Attack!

Can’t be late if I’m not even bothering to pay attention to my self-imposed schedule! Great news—I found a new job. Quite the promotion, really. Plus it is WFH, which was a major thing I was looking for. I begin Nov. 2nd, which means I have a week to myself. While I do have aContinue reading “Random Friday Attack!”