Happy Holidays, Ya Filthy Animals

Hey all–just wanted to pop by and wish my fervent fans (hi mom!) happy holidays. Whether you celebrate anything, or just enjoy some federally-mandated holidays (thank you socialism!), I hope you’re staying warm and well. For those who may be struggling right now, I feel you, I hear you, and I see you. While someContinue reading “Happy Holidays, Ya Filthy Animals”

Completions and New Beginnings

I have a problem. (Ok, I have a lot of them.) For sure, one is the inability to stick within a genre and build a career writing within that. The other is that I have lots of ideas, and not enough time to work on them all. Aside from my recent decision to, once started,Continue reading “Completions and New Beginnings”

Oh, Hello

You’re still here? Why? No, wait, please don’t leave. Not sure if I’m on schedule or behind schedule for blogging, but, uh, here we go regardless. If I am behind, in my defense it wasn’t that long ago we thought a hurricane was coming to destroy the Tampa Bay area, and prepping for that wasContinue reading “Oh, Hello”

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Phew buddy*, writing has been a challenge as of late.* Buddy in the singular since only one person reads this**** Hi Mom****** “Oh G-d he’s still on the obnoxious footnotes thing” Time crunch is an issue to be sure, but the fact of the matter is I’m struggling with this WIP. As I mentioned before,Continue reading “Never Give Up, Never Surrender”


So, back in the days* of my youthful** ambition*** I intended to keep a schedule of bi-weekly blog posts, and I still have a calendar reminder in my phone as of such. It went off today, and despite having scaled back to monthly**** posts, I decided why not.*it’s only been, like, a year or so**IContinue reading “AMBUSH BLOG POST”

Another Blog Post

Not sure how to start this, so I’m going to type ‘not sure how to start this’ and then move along. I’ve been fairly productive in the writing department recently, despite a myriad of distractions. I finished the edits on the horror novella I discussed in the last post and it’s currently being reviewed inContinue reading “Another Blog Post”

Holy Crap, A Whole New Post

The great Ernest Hemingway is one of my favorite old-time authors. His economical prose, his searing portraits of the human condition’s darker side, his drink recipes; they’re all things I truly enjoy. One of the biggest myths surrounding his near-legend is that he, being the alcoholic he was, drank while writing his masterpieces. This wasContinue reading “Holy Crap, A Whole New Post”

I Assure You, This Website Is Fully Operational

You just wouldn’t know it if you followed the blog. So, the good news is I’m not dead. The better news is I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been immersed in a new and exciting project (the one I teased a few times over in the past). The bad news, of course, is that theContinue reading “I Assure You, This Website Is Fully Operational”

Oh, It’s Thursday

Hi everyone, hope as always y’all are safe and well. First thing’s first: yup, the third Poetic Narrative is delayed. Drink. In my defense, I’ve been busy on other stuff. Including writing stuff! Got a hold request on one of my shorts for a top-tier mag, so that’s exciting. Still firing out the queries forContinue reading “Oh, It’s Thursday”