Continued Nonsensical Ramblings

Good news everyone! Not only have I decided to actually make another blog post, but the latest draft of Psychlone is completed and in the editor’s hands now.

Last post I discussed some about how the brain-meld that is Z.Z. Adams felt that, upon a deeper review, this sequel to Mindstorm could use more work to make it shine. And as I mentioned, I am thoroughly appreciative of the fact that they don’t want something just good enough to be published and read; they want something that’s the best it can be.

I’m pleased with the changes this push led me to make. I feel the characters are stronger now, which was probably what was missing the previous go-arounds: it was very plot driven, somewhat at the expense of characterization, and I firmly believe the best story strikes a careful balance between those two points. My penchant for heavy outlining, I think, has led me to this occasional fault in my drafts. It’s something I’ll have to keep an eye on in the future.

What about you guys–either in reading or writing, what’s most important? Strong characters, strong plot, or a balance between the two? I’m curious to hear!

Otherwise, that’s it for now. The real job has put quite a bit on my plate so I will try to fit in time to keep my once-a-month blog schedule, but we all know how that often goes with me. Til next time, y’all stay safe out there.

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