Completions and New Beginnings

I have a problem. (Ok, I have a lot of them.) For sure, one is the inability to stick within a genre and build a career writing within that. The other is that I have lots of ideas, and not enough time to work on them all.

Aside from my recent decision to, once started, work on a project every single day (even if just by a sentence) until completion, I’ve also decided to start tackling my copious amounts of notes and ideas and unfinished projects. It all began by organizing my laptop folder containing various Word docs and notepad… notes (yikes), and then organizing my Google Drive (YIKES), which led to me discovering the inkling of a story I a.) quite liked and b.) had forgotten I’d even created.

So I finished said story (it was a flash fiction piece so not super time-consuming) and with the help of a few intrepid writer friends who can stomach my first drafts, tidied it up and have it ready to submit as soon as my ideal first market is open. I then opened another short story first draft I’d completed 2 years ago and got to work re-drafting it, and just completed the second version.

I thought to myself, ‘self, we’re doing well catching up on old ideas and drafts here. Onto the next one. But oh gosh, what happens if I suddenly find myself in territory I’ve yet to experience–a realm where I’ve run out of ideas?’

As if in answer from the ADHD cosmos, whilst sitting on the toilet I had a new idea, complete with what I think will be a killer opening sequence and a thematic idea that’s close to my heart. It’ll sit on the shelf for a while (metaphorically speaking, as its actually in my Google Drive) as I continue to address other unfinished works and go through the ringer trying to get more polished pieces out to magazines and such, but it did give me hope for the inevitable: an eventual death with piles of unfinished works.

What, too dark? I mean, come on, gotta live in the world you live in and all.

Speaking of completions, the short story I was working on with the Z.Z. Adams team is finished! Got a killer cover and everything. We’ll see it released eventually, as chronologically Pscyhlone needs to come out first, which we’re banging away at. I’m super excited with the direction of this series on the whole.

Anyways, that’s my update for now. Y’all stay safe out there and what not, til next time.

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