Per both QueryTracker.net and Manuscript Wish List, I have exhausted all possible literary agents for Capitalist Bacon. Per myself, I’m also exhausted with the whole querying process. Which isn’t new, considering I took a several month break from it at one point. But seeing the bottom of a second database’s last page inspires a new level to that weariness.

This leaves me at a bit of a crossroads. Of course, there are other resources for finding an agent out there. How many unique names I’ll find is a question, of course, but I’m sure there are many. And I truly believe in this story. I’m not saying its perfect–it’s as perfect as I can currently make it, yet I remain open to the fact that should it ever find an agent, there will be suggestions I can implement that would make it stronger. But the core of the story is one I truly know would resonate to many, and I remain firm in my belief that should it get out there, it will have readers and fans.

All the same, it may be coming time to shelve it, at least for a while. I’ve got a few novellas I’ve not put any real effort into querying as the process is arduous, time consuming, and frankly annoying (I’ve mentioned before my distaste for the entire query letter process so I won’t harp on it again); yet they deserve the effort no less than Capitalist Bacon. Plus, I’m now beginning to finally take action with my plan to bring some of my short stories here to the website. They also deserve to see the light of day. And hey, one’s up now! Check out the historical fiction The Colonial, which won an Honorable Mention in Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition. (I’ll probably do another post next week more about this piece. This is a soft opening for the stories-here-format.)

So, barring an unexpected acceptance from this last batch of queries, this will probably be the last post in quite a while where you hear about Capitalist Bacon. Again, I’ve not ‘given up’ on it, not at all. But it’s going to be set aside for quite some time. Who knows, perhaps an acceptance of another story will open the door for representation (admittedly unlikely as Capitalist Bacon is upmarket/contemporary, and my novellas that are ready for querying are all spec-lit).

But the writing doesn’t stop. It never stop. It can’t stop, even if it should.

Til next time my friends!

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