It’s Been 84 Years

Holy crap, I knew it had been a minute since I’ve written here, but seeing that my last post was in August really was a bucket of cold water. (Particularly considering the title of that post.)

I swear I’m alive. I also swear I’m seriously questioning having paid to keep this blog up and running, lol. I’ve been writing, that’s for sure, which is ironically the problem. Things have been… hectic for me to put it mildly, and finding the time to sit and write is often challenging, so when I do get it, I focus on actual word-smithing stories rather than newsletters, Twitter, or say, blogging here. I’d gotten behind on querying as well but I have managed to get back on the horse in that regard.

So what have I been writing? Well, back in December, I finished the first draft of Psychlone, the second in the YA Sci-Fi His Storm Blows Out the Light trilogy from ZZ Adams. Right now the brain-meld there is reviewing it for revisions to prepare for future drafts and, of course, eventual release. Meanwhile I’ve been working on the outline for Supercell, the explosive conclusion (yes, I’m a plotter, outlines actually excite me rather than drain my enthusiasm) to the trilogy. I’ve also been working on a second draft of a novella titled The Girl in the Ice Box, a Sci-Fi/Fantasy set in an original world of my own making. It recently finished peer reviews in my writing group the INKubator, and there’s definitely work to be done… but I’m feeling pretty good that once the suggestions are implemented, this will be good to go. First I’m taking some time away from it to get fresh eyes and a fresh mind for it.

Speaking of novellas, today I’m pitching Appizer Cares!–a Sci-Fi novella set in near-future Cleveland that features themes of capitalism, addiction, and technology dependence–through #SFFPit. As of this writing there’s no agent likes yet, fingers crossed but hopes well managed that will change by this evening.

I will say while I’m sorry to see #PitMad is gone, I kinda get it, too. I spent a full year (as in, all 4 events in each quarter) pitching Capitalist Bacon and never got more than a bare sniff. I attended pitch parties, learned algorithms (and broke my Twitter account several times trying to blow my algorithms up), worked with experts on my Twitter pitch; and yet nada except 4 days essentially wasted (yes, I was dedicating the whole day each time to the event, foolish me). After a while I started taking a look at the top literary and contemporary pitches and realized the agents really just weren’t there. Seeing brilliant pitches that made my teeth grind with envy, with significant attention and traction from the Twittersphere, yet nary an agent amongst the dozens of rogue likes: the message was clear, this wasn’t ever going to be the way to get my debut novel out to the world.

So long #PitMad, and a genuine thank-you for all the stories you did help along the way.

So as for Capitalist Bacon, it’s back to the grind of cold-querying. I’ve revised my pitch… again… and think it’s the strongest it’s probably going to get. The art of pitching does seem to elude me some. Even with help, including from professionals in the field, the concepts often either elude me entirely or at times seem outright contradictory. I’ll admit its frustrating, learning essentially a new art form to promote the other art form I’ve worked for years at.

Then again, if this blog is any indication, promotion simply isn’t my strong suit.

Seriously, how do other writers do it? Have a full-time job, a family, and time to both create and promote? I keep trying to crack that code. Alas, even as I write this blog, I feel guilty about not continuing work on the Supercell outline.

All I’m saying is Ernest Hemingway never had to bother sending out no sinkin’ newsletters.

Wow, this turned into a whine-fest pretty quick, huh? Ok, that’s enough of that crap. Things are moving, and I hope to have some positive announcements here soon. I would love to start releasing some short stories directly here, but I’m struggling how to properly do that. Obviously posting PDFs for download worked, uh, not great. I know other writers blog their stories, but since some of the stuff I want to share would be part of unique series (like the Poetic Narratives!), I’m a bit mystified how to keep that clean. I’m sure there’s a way but as I feel I’ve covered, I lack the time and brain-space to properly research and experiment. Oh, maybe I should be doing that instead of blogging. Derp.

Alright, enough non-sensical ramblings for me to look back on and shake my head at in a few years’ time. I’m going to get back to work on Supercell and perhaps later, maybe, just maybe, I’ll do that research. Til next time, which at this rate might be when I complain again about having to pay to keep this place running.

2 thoughts on “It’s Been 84 Years

  1. Haha, sometimes I find myself falling into this whine fest too, because I feel the same. Like how does one find time in the day to write properly? I barely make it through a few hundred words before I need to take care of life admin duties, and sometimes all those words end up never being used either.

    Regardless, here’s to continuing the grind! And hope you don’t get consumed by the Blogging Hiatus Monster this time around!


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