Oh, It’s Thursday

Hi everyone, hope as always y’all are safe and well. First thing’s first: yup, the third Poetic Narrative is delayed. Drink.

In my defense, I’ve been busy on other stuff. Including writing stuff! Got a hold request on one of my shorts for a top-tier mag, so that’s exciting. Still firing out the queries for Capitalist Bacon, as the last #PitMad was an unfortunate bust for yours truly.

I’ve also been… tapping away at the novella. Really, for what is left, it should have been done quite some time ago. It’s been a bit of a struggle with getting the energy together to wrap this first draft up. Sometimes I experience this, especially with longer works–I gas out near the finish line, and have to push myself to get through it.

In that regard, I found it somewhat fortuitous for one Mr. Chuck Wendig to post on his own blog an article addressing this. (Ye ole link here) Well, it partly addressed it, but it did focus on something that has bothered me of late: my writing word count. I’ve definitely slumped over the past year in terms of how many fresh words I bang out over the day. Some of it was playing catch up on an initial torrid pace: those fresh words needed editing to actually become something readable, and then said edited words needed to find homes. Yet still, there was a nagging feeling that I’d fallen behind.

Also fun to note is that Wendig related writing speed to running, a metaphor I’ve used myself. Great minds! Well, his is great, at least.

But it’s nice to see a talented and successful author such as himself speaking to the very weaknesses and fears I’ve been experiencing. It relieves a bit of the burden that I haven’t been working ‘hard’ enough or ‘fast’ enough. And while I’m aware of the capitalist trappings that such thinking inherently involves, at the same time, I’m aware that–live in the world you live in–if I’m going to make it, it’s going to take some hard work.

So thanks, Mr. Wendig, even tho you surely won’t read this (lol). But for my fellow aspiring authors who may also be feeling the burnout, the drag, the whatever… check his post out, and feel the sense of relief.

Then get back to it! (Kidding. Sort of.)

Speaking of, I’ll get back to it now. This novella won’t write itself. ‘Til next time my friends, everyone stay safe and healthy out there.

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