The Rumors Are True

The Second Poetic Narrative is indeed here! Click on ‘Published Here’ in the top menu to check out both this installment in the adventures of J.J. Segwis, Dr. Jake Rammoerstoen, Danson C. Equestrian, Esq., and Mattothy Northman. You can also find the first Poetic Narrative there.

The Florida Men have reunited… yes, despite Jake’s previous death… and it’s no less than the governor’s mansion in their sights! Danson is determined to save Florida from it’s current administration. But it’s more complicated than just facing the uphill battle as an independent candidate. He’s going to have to contend with Matt’s chaotic designs, Jake’s obsession with revenge, and worst of all: J.J.’s attempts to help.

As this is political satire–satire focusing on Florida’s politics, no less–there are content warnings to be aware of. One cannot lampoon the state of… well, this state… without addressing issues of racism and bigotry. It is my most fervent hope that, despite taking the comedic twist of satire, these issues are still treated in a way that show them being a core rot in Florida, and one that spirals into further issues.

I hope you all enjoy. I welcome all feedback here, or if you want to reach out via email, twitter, etc., then feel free to check out the Contact page.

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