Who Wants A Free Short Story?

“But JJ,” you say. “We are all waiting on the second Poetic Narrative you said would come out in Fall 2020.” You check the calendar you keep with you at all times. “And Fall ended a few weeks ago!”

Ok, ok, and I’m working on it–honestly! For a freebie, I still want it to be the best quality possible. Plus, this adventure of the Florida Four is a political satire, ergo it’s a bit of a trapeze walk. There’s one good result (people read it and find it funny) and a million bad results (people find it ham fisted or otherwise unfunny, people find it offensive and cancel me before I even get started, etc. etc.).

But in the meantime, I’m looking to beef up my email list. So here’s a special deal. I have a Chanukkah holiday horror flash ‘The Shamash’, and I’m going to send it out via my email list tomorrow at sunset (5:39pm EST) in honor of the holiday’s end. It should be worth noting that you also get a short comedy ‘The Candidate’ just for signing up, so it’s a two-for-one bonanza!

There’s no time to waste, the clock is ticking. Click here and get signed up now!

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